Bali Bohemia

UBUD is a quite and simple place to hangout. With it's one of a kind locals and visitors, Bali is quickly becoming a bucket list hit. Just kick back with a Bingtang, and watch a few Balinese monkey chase each other along the fences of the Sacred Monkey Forest. Hear some great music and sip on some simple mixed drinks. A perfectly, hand-selected property that is both tucked away and in a great local neighborhood, with a ton of nature and cultural awakening taking place. It is radiating from the ground up. The huts are extremely clean, and well maintained. The decor of the huts explore bright colorful walls and patterns painted in unique ways, mixed with mosquito fabric over the beds and great natural lighting pouring in through the clear glass windows. 

You feel like you are in a very comfortable VW bus or a luxury Airstream camper, equipped with bamboo bed frames and glass beads strung through the connecting doorways between living and bathing spaces. Just around the corner from the huts, is the fabulous restaurant, with head chief Nyoman, local Balinese man who is both English speaking and American trained and schooled in hospitality and culinary arts. 

The best part of staying in Bali Bohemia's Huts ( is the complimentary morning breakfast (Don't forget to feed the monkey. Just kidding). Serving both traditional and western style dishes and a touch of Balinese/Indonesian in the mix. House cocktails are made to order, by the several bartenders all Balinese with huge smiles and nice bakit style shirts. There is a steady flow of great vibes on a weekly basis so do not miss how to get down with the rest of the town! 


Jungle Room

Canggu is a place that is quickly catching the more mainstream crowds of the entire western world. Loaded with chic hotels, cafes, gyms and trendy shopping, it's become a luxurious tropical destination between the rice fields and temples of West Bali. Jungle Room is set back from the warm ocean breezes and thriving surf tourism down the road and around the corner sort of speak. It's a great place to call "home" for as long or short of a stay you are planning to spend in the area. 

The River View room offered immediate pool access out it's front doors with mellowing moods given off by the white interior, plenty of natural light from the several barn door style windows. The staff are warm and friendly, happy to help you get a coffee or towel, no shortage of smiles. There is a lofted yoga studio and a small outdoor gym consisting of pull-up bars and Indo Boards to insure guests are keeping their cores strong while drifting off to the sounds of natural acoustics.

Enjoy a dose of Bali coffee in the grass roof covered cafe or just across the way in the community lounging space, equipped with bean bags, movies, and musical instruments. The vibe overall is bohemian meets mature creative. Young adults will relate to this setting and feel comfortable reading a book or getting some computer work done without much distraction, other than the beauty of the property itself.